Help make 2021-30 the decade of biosecurity.

Implementation Plan finalised

To ensure the Decade of Biosecurity can achieve its objectives, a three-year Implementation Plan for the Decade of Biosecurity initiative has been developed.

The Plan was developed over six months with extensive consultation with stakeholders representing agriculture (animals and plants), pest animals, weeds, wildlife, aquatics, First Nations, human amenity, and the environment.

Thank you to everyone who has provided input into shaping the Plan!

We are now moving into the next exciting phase of implementing the projects outlined in the Plan and WE WANT YOU!

We are now seeking investors, leads and partners to deliver these projects that will strengthen the national biosecurity system. Please get in touch to explore these opportunities. [email protected]

Biosecurity Symposium 2019

Australia’s national biosecurity system faces a perfect storm with trade and tourism volumes, changing risk pathways and thousands of invasive species already in the country but yet to establish.

Business as usual or incremental improvements is not an option – transformational change is needed within a decade. This panel, recorded at the 2019 Australian Biosecurity Symposium, discusses what Australia needs to do to meet this challenge. Failure is not an option.

Moderated by Robbie Sefton, Managing Director, Seftons, panellists include:

  • Kathleen Plowman, the CEO of Animal Health Australia.
  • Andreas Glanznig, the CEO of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.
  • Andrew Cox, the CEO of Invasive Species Council.
  • Matt Koval, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.
  • Roger Smith, Head of Biosecurity for the New Zealand Government Ministry of Primary Industries (at the time of recording).