Help make 2021-30 the decade of biosecurity.

Our Goals

The Decade of Biosecurity is a core program of work that is being developed under the banner of Biosecurity 2030 to place the spotlight on the importance of biosecurity for all Australians.

The Biosecurity Collective has been working to advance the Decade of Biosecurity 2030 Project for 3 years – an ambitious and critical initiative to transform our national biosecurity system to protect all Australians. A powerful alliance is needed to confront the unprecedented challenges of invasive species and win strong leadership, broader collaborations and innovation. Our vision for the future is that all Australians are actively engaged in building a stronger national biosecurity system.

Through the Decade of Biosecurity, we seek to put industries, businesses, research and community members at the centre of the biosecurity system to pave the way for transformational change over the next decade; building a stronger biosecurity system and generating a ‘biosecurity mass movement’.

By 2030, we want to ensure sustainable investment mechanisms for essential biosecurity, a strong understanding of biosecurity in all Australians and greater involvement in biosecurity surveillance across the country.

The initial focus areas for the Decade will be based from the original plan launched at the 2019 Symposium and include:

  1. Mobilising a 25-million strong biosecurity mass movement.
  2. Sustainable investment.
  3. Supporting partnerships.

Watch this video to learn why biosecurity leaders in this country are part of the Decade of Biosecurity:

The next step in our journey is to develop a work program which brings together views and aspirations from across the biosecurity system.

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Biosecurity Symposium 2019

Australia’s national biosecurity system faces a perfect storm with trade and tourism volumes, changing risk pathways and thousands of invasive species already in the country but yet to establish.

Business as usual or incremental improvements is not an option – transformational change is needed within a decade. This panel, recorded at the 2019 Australian Biosecurity Symposium, discusses what Australia needs to do to meet this challenge. Failure is not an option.

Moderated by Robbie Sefton, Managing Director, Seftons, panellists include:

  • Kathleen Plowman, the CEO of Animal Health Australia.
  • Andreas Glanznig, the CEO of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.
  • Andrew Cox, the CEO of Invasive Species Council.
  • Matt Koval, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.
  • Roger Smith, Head of Biosecurity for the New Zealand Government Ministry of Primary Industries (at the time of recording).