Help make 2021-30 the decade of biosecurity.

Collaboration and partnerships

Industry, business, Indigenous and community partners have immeasurable skills and resources.

We want to foster the idea that biosecurity leadership can and is exercised at multiple levels, and include the public and industry and commercial participants.

The partnerships we will foster will be underpinned by trust, ambition and generosity. They will promote an environment of transparency and encourage knowledge and information sharing and well as the tools to be able to work collaboratively, build our biosecurity capabilities, inform good decision-making around the allocation of resources and effort.

We would like to work with business leaders to develop an Australian business biosecurity pledge to provide a framework to help businesses make biosecurity a core part of their business activities.

 If you are a business that is doing great things in the biosecurity space, we want to hear from you. To be able to share your challenges and successes

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