Help make 2021-30 the decade of biosecurity.

Our initiatives

Decade of Biosecurity Implementation Plan 2023-2026

To ensure the Decade of Biosecurity can achieve its objectives, we have developed a three-year Implementation Plan for the Decade of Biosecurity initiative.

The draft was developed over six months based on input from key stakeholders across the biosecurity sectors – agriculture (animals and plants), pest animals, weeds, wildlife, aquatics, human amenity and the environment – via state-based and national workshops.

We are now seeking feedback on the draft Implementation Plan and invite all interested stakeholders to share their thoughts on its aims, outcomes and projects.

Following this consultation period, adjustments will be made before it is finalised and publicly launched in early 2023.

Australian Biosecurity Symposium 2022

Animal Health Australia, the Invasive Species Council, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and Plant Health Australia hosted the 2nd Australian Biosecurity Symposium on 3-5 May 2022 on the Gold Coast, QLD under the theme of ‘a decade of biosecurity: turning a moment into a movement.’.

The Symposium once again focused on biosecurity prevention and provided the opportunity to share research and innovation, explore outside-of-the-box thinking and exchange knowledge and ideas across the biosecurity collective – agriculture (animals and plants), pest animals, weeds, wildlife, aquatics, humans and the environment.

Australian Biosecurity Symposium 2019

The inaugural Australian Biosecurity Symposium was held 12-13 June on the Gold Coast as a way of bringing the biosecurity collective together.

Australia’s biosecurity system faces unprecedented pressure. To address this pressure, strong leadership and innovation is essential.

Our symposiums provide the ideal platform to explore how to transform Australia’s biosecurity systems to better protect our economy, environment and way of life.

The symposiums will bring an unprecedented opportunity to influence the direction of Australia’s future biosecurity system, network, develop new concepts, share and test ideas, build new partnerships and engage in challenging discussions that stimulate debate and energy.